Thursday, 28 August 2014

Your tea teatox detox !!

A few people have asked me about your tea and I what I thought about so after testing  it out I though I would let you all know. 

I was lucky enough for your tea to email  me asking me to review their product.i was excited to try as I haven't been having motivation for the gym but still eat healthy. I was so excited when it came as it came it came in  cute packaging which instantly put a smile on my face and couldn't wait to try it out.  

I tried my tea with honey , sugar or lemon as I wasn't that fussed on the taste but with them it tasted lovely. It's a bit like green tea. The tea has to be left for a few minutes to infuse to give its full potential to my relief there was NO laxative effects. 
I thought the tea was great I felt full of energy for the whole time I was drinking my 'tiny tea' If I drank the tea more a day. Hard to fit in with work I would see even more postive factors. 

As well as more energy I didn't get that bloated feeling you get some days. Which I get and them I'm feeling  fat days (think your fat but your not really) 
I also felt my skin was a little clear as I also work in a resturant its prone to a greasy environment (which is not good for your skin)

I would recommend Your tea to anyone and have already suggested to my friends I will be getting some more and trying to drink it more times a day. 
Thanks for ' your tea ' 'tinyteaox' for letting me review. 


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