Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Jump for joy!!

Still really busy with work but thought I would post a quick post of an outfit I wore the other day. 
I'm sure you have seen many blogger wearing this stylish primark  floral jumpsuit with a silky like material. As soon as I seen it going around on the blogs I had to have stylish to wear day and night. What I also love is the longer sleeves. For a bargain price at £13 what's not to like. I teamed my jumpsuit with a belt to sinch it in he waist.even though the leg length is long for me (short arse see) i like turning the trousers to add to the style. 
 Primark have also got a few a/w items that are to die for. I can't believe my eyes at some of the lovely pieces of clothing coming into primark. Hoping to get another shop done there soon . ( if my bank balances lets me).  


1 comment:

  1. lovely jumpsuit! I wish Primark had online shopping so I could have a look! :)